Sports Field

Here at AED rollers we’ve been designing and installing conveyor roller systems since 1996, and our position as one of the leading UK companies in the sector is based on a number of factors.

Iso Made In Britain

Common Applications:

  • Golf Greens & Tees
  • Bowling Greens
  • Tennis Court
  • Cricket Pitches


Designed for smaller spaces


Rotary rollers are normally used for the first cut of spring to vacuum up twigs & winter seeds


Flail mowers are used for cutting grass vertically at a high speed . AKA Hedge cutters


Gang mowers are the preferred systems by groundsmen, greenskeepers & park keepers as they have the ability to cut grass at a professional level.


As well as cutting grass the domestic garden mower can be used for sweeping leaves, mowing snow, spreading fertiliser and even used as a trailer


Cylinder mower have the ability to cut very short grass without loss of cut quality

Our products offer:

  • Fully made in-house, here at our UK factory
  • Competitive Prices
  • Engineered solutions to reduce product failures
  • Fit with all weather components

Our products are based around samples & data received from our customers, gradually building up our knowledge & data base of products. Equipment often changes resulting in altered roller dimensions. If you cannot find you product, please send us details of your roller, with equipment Model & year. Not sure of the sizes, you can also send us your sample roller for a free measuring service. 

Here at AED rollers we’ve been designing and installing conveyor roller systems since 1996, and our position as one of the leading UK companies in the sector is based on a number of factors.

The first of these is a commitment to using the latest equipment, including Cad Cam software and 5 axis CNC machinery, in order to design and manufacture what our clients need from scratch. The best and latest equipment is combined with an experienced and expert workforce, with on-going training ensuring that our team of designers, technicians and engineers are always able to make use of the latest and best techniques, material and designs.

The standards which we bring to every conveyor roller system which we design, manufacture and install are also applied to the delivery of replacement sports field rollers. We understand what a vital piece of equipment a roller is for any sports club as well as other organisations such as schools and youth clubs. No matter how large or small the sports field in question is the clients who come to us need to have a replacement roller designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, and the fact that we handle each project from initial brief through to delivery in-house means that we can promise excellence as standard.

Clients can come to us with a set of requirements and we’ll turn those requirements into a detailed plan or, alternatively, the client can bring a sample of the kind of sports field roller they need and we’ll reverse engineer the solution. The rollers we manufacture can be utilised on a wide range of ground care equipment, making AED a genuine one stop shop for any client tasked with keeping the ground they are responsible for in the best possible condition.

Although we have the expertise and equipment needed to manufacture rollers of every size and type, all of our sports field rollers have certain qualities in common. We can create heavy duty solutions with sufficient weight and bulk to get the job done, using the best materials, and the axle and bearings on each roller are designed for all-weather use. In simple terms, no matter how bad the weather gets, even the heaviest rainfall will have zero impact on the operation or longevity of our sports field rollers. That’s why the actual bearings upon which the roller depends are sealed for life, guaranteeing efficient and effective operation for many years into the future.

Our rollers can be manufactured with machined ends, pressed ends or swaged ends, depending upon the requirements of the client, and we can provide bespoke replacements for rollers from leading manufacturers such as John Deere, Atco and Jacobsen. Although we are not associated with these original manufacturers, we can provide high quality sports field rollers, combining speed of delivery with value and excellence to equip our clients with the equipment they need.


If you’ve got any questions about sports field rollers and the range which we can provide please get in touch with us. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our customer service and would be happy to answer your questions and explain what we can deliver for you.

Phone us on +44 (0)1384 77427 or email at and we’ll start work on delivering the conveyor rollers you need.


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